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Hello my friends, is a pleasure to be around here and present my work to this marvelous community. I am glad to be here and I congratulate the staff for such a wonderful site
Greetings from Guatemala, Central America.

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    Juan C@l

    Juan C@l

    I can not believe what I'm reading, it can not be ... I wanted to learn from their tips, which I never dared to ask, and not this? no ... I can not believe how sad I felt when reading what I'm reading. I can not believe ...
    Posted 158 Days Ago
    Giancarlo Gu

    Giancarlo Guzzardi

    Mis pensamientos y mi homaggio a un gran Hombre y Artista. Sus palabras, junto con sus imágenes me han tocado el alma.
    Posted 233 Days Ago
    Ilse von Que

    Ilse von Quednow

    Te amo tanto coso, te recuerdo y te extraño cada día... Te mando un beso hasta el cielo.
    Posted 242 Days Ago
    kath speed

    kath speed

    very sad r.i.p
    Posted 281 Days Ago
    Martha MGR

    Martha MGR

    You will be sorely missed us, dear friend Ben! Your pictures and your beautiful portraits were forever in our memory!R.I.P. dear friend!
    Posted 299 Days Ago
    Mindi Ellis

    Mindi Ellis

    First,,thanks to Cyrus for sending out the information about the B/B Light Painters Soc. information ..second,as I was delighted to see something like that,,as I kept reading,learning that Benjamin has left our planet,I became very sad! I have seen some of his/[your] work and been very impressed and amazed..I hope Cyrus will keep your pages here indefinitely for those of us who have not had a chance to view it all. What a legacy though,to be sure...I note that Bens birthday was only a couple months back...how sad. The LPS community is a very beautiful body of collected works,and now,any of us that are fortunate enough to receive an award will feel even more special,and touched always by your [Benjamins'] 'presence'..Mr. Bjorn,,may you continue your fascinating journey to further your creative spirit/soul,and may it be felt though time! A Universal 'Hug' from me,to you!! PEACE!!-Mindi :-D
    Posted 302 Days Ago
    R Gene

    R Gene

    Rest in Peace Benjamin Bjorn....Great Artist
    Posted 302 Days Ago


    Your marvelous photography continues to be an inspiration.  My condolences to your family and loved ones. 
    Posted 336 Days Ago
    Cyrus khamak

    Cyrus khamak

    Rest in peace Ben, I will miss you like hell jajaja !!
    Posted 337 Days Ago


    Happy Birthday Benjamin have a great day
    Posted 362 Days Ago